What adults don't know about architecture

Study day
Vicenza, Palladio Museum, 7 October 2022

Providing the opportunity for children and young people to learn about architecture is one of the Palladio Museum's principal aims. This means presenting Palladio's legacy as part of a collective identity, as a tool for social cohesion, and as a stimulus to thinking about the past and understanding the present.
The central theme in this second study day is education and it will be approached from two different points of view: first, by highlighting the importance of the educational function of museums in general (as recommended, for example, by ICOM Italy, 2013) and, second, by analysing the specific role of exploring architecture as a means to well-being, inclusion and democracy.
The creators of some of the best architecture education programmes in Italy, Germany, England, Turkey and Colombia will sit round the same table to exchange views and share experiences, projects and results.

The study day is addressed to all, including museum professionals, education administrators, architects, university students, teachers from schools of all levels, and members of associations and community groups both locally and nationally.

The language of the study day is English.

The study day has been funded by a grant from the Ministry of Culture Directorate-General for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes.


10:00 am - 12:30 pm | Session 1
Ilaria Abbondandolo (Palladio Museum, Vicenza), Introduction: Architecture Education at the Palladio Museum
Luca Mori (Università di Pisa), Architecture and Cities in Children’s Utopias
Angela Million (Technischen Universität Berlin), Learning Processes and Places: How, When and Where Do Children Learn about Architecture?
Aynur Ciftçi (Yildiz Technical University - Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Istanbul), The Impact of Architectural Heritage on Children’s Cultural Identity

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm | Session 2
Olimpia Niglio (Università di Pavia), After Mondiacult. Culture’s Compass: Deeply-Rooted Education and Sustainable Future
Marta Morelli (MAXXI, Rome), Children, Youth and Contemporary Architecture. MAXXI's Learning and Interpreting Methodologies
Sophie Draper (Royal Institute of British Architects, London), Architecture for Everyone: Fixing a Broken System
Jorge Raedó (Osa Menor, educación de arte para infancia y juventud, Bogotà), Utopia, Poetry, Nature: Architecture Education for Children

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