Palladio Museum

Vicenza, palazzo Barbarano

Safety measures for accessing the Palladio Museum

From 10 January 2022, in compliance with the provisions contained in the Law Decree n. 221 of 23 December 2021, to access the Palladio Museum it is mandatory to show the Green Pass Rafforzato, or Super Green Pass (for more information, visit the website

Certification can be obtained from a person vaccinated against COVID-19 or cured of COVID-19 in the past six months; holders of a negative result from a negative covid-test, will not be able to access the Exhibition.

The provisions do not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with specific medical certification.

Visitors from outside Europe will be able to enter with valid certification of recovery or vaccination.

To accompany the Super Green Pass, you may be required to show a valid I.D.

The anti-Covid safety requirements remain in force: for entry it is necessary to measure the temperature, sanitize the hands and it is mandatory to wear the mask correctly (no FFP2 is required).

Visitors are invited to respect the minimum safety distances along the exhibition route.

NOTE: Please, remember to plan your visit in advance and to check the opening hours of the museum!  

The COVID-19 Certification code will be scanned and checked with the VerificationC19 app, installed on a mobile device. This application allows to verify the authenticity and validity of the certifications without the need for an internet connection (offline) and without storing personal information on the verifier's device.  


  1. At the museum entrance, an operator will ask the visitor to show their Certification (QR Code in digital or paper format).  
  2. The VerificationC19 App will scan the QR Code and check the validity of the data. 
  3. The VerificationC19 App will confirm the validity of the Certification and will show the operator the visitors’ name, surname and date of birth.
  4. Upon request, the visitor will exhibit a valid ID in order to verify the correspondence of the personal data in the document with those displayed by the App.  


In accordance with the Italian legislation, each cultural institution can appoint an operator in charge of verifying the certificates and the personal data of the visitors. For more information, please check: