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Dono di Accademia nazionale di San Luca, Roma

Architecture and archaeology in via dei Villini: The Headquarters of Italiana Costruzioni S.p.a., Roma, L'Erma di Bretschneider, 2017


Foreword (Francesco Prosperetti) 7
Introduction(Attilio Maria Navarra and Luca Navarra)9
The value of restoration: historical preservation and cultural continuity(Francesco Moschini) 10
Towards a “Sustainable Restoration Value” Charter(Francesco Maggiore) 14
Urban Archaeology (Marina Clementini) 16 T

The Villino(Giangiacomo Martines) 23
History and project: the roots of modernity(Francesco Moschini) 26
The contemporary as a palimpsest. Reflections on the conversionof a twentieth-century building(Lorenzo Pietropaolo) 31
Program (Luca Aureggi, Maurizio Condoluci)37
Process 43
Project 45
Digging up history 49
The measurement of time 52
Demolition for understanding 54
Rights to the structural project (Cesidio Serafini) 57
Rights to the business project (Francesco Norcia) 63
Unexpected space 67
The expansion of space 70
Sculpted in light 74
Permeable opacity 80
Transparent familiarity 82
Placement of the materials 84

Renovation, archaeology, restoration and structural consolidation (Francesco Norcia, Alessandra Scardaoni, Enrico Venanzi) 97
Creation of the new Villa 98

Introduction (Paola Filippini, Marina Clementini) 165
The suburban villa on Via dei Villini(Fabio Turchetta) 167
The phases of construction170
Notes 180
Bibliography 182
The tombs (Romina Mosticone, Flavia Porreca, Paola Catalano) 183
Notes 190
Bibliography 190
Restoration and musealization (Alberto Mazzoleni) 191
Area with a mosaic and small basin 192
Area with opus sectile floor 195
Catalog of the materials 199
Board games and games of chance (Marina Clementini) 200
The game of twelve markings (Duodecim Scripta) and the game of soldiers (Ludus Latrunculorum) 202
Fictile money-box (Barbara Porcari) 204
Hair Pins (Barbara Porcari) 207
Women’s Hairstyles 215
Women’s Jewelry and Toiletries (Barbara Ciarrocchi) 218
Oil lamps (Barbara Ciarrocchi) 222
The Roman Table (Barbara Ciarrocchi) 224
Glass objects (Barbara Ciarrocchi) 226
Glazed ceramics (Barbara Ciarrocchi) 230
Notes 232 Technical specifications 234
Acknowledgments 235