Vicenzo Scamozzi, villa Godi, Piovene Porto Godi (1598-post 1615)

Sarmego di Grumolo delle Abbadesse (VI)
Via Oratorio Favallina 3, Sarmego di Grumolo delle Abbadesse (VI)

Interior and exterior.

Exterior and interior by prior arrangement.

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Dateable to 1597, the project for the Villa Godi was contemporary with the construction of the church of the Villa Duodo at Monselice, the Villa Molin alla Mandria and the project for the Villa Priuli at Due Carrare. The current building can be compared to some plates in the Dutch version of Scamozzi’s treatise (1713). There are differences, however, since the whole of the top floor and the pediment, clearly visible in the print, are missing in the built villa. As regards the construction site, a lack of documents means there is no certain chronological information, although it seems that at the time of publication of the original treatise in 1615, the villa had not yet been completed. For the same patrons, the brothers Camillo and Alessandro Godi, Scamozzi designed a palace in Vicenza in 1596 and included the plan and elevation in his Idea as an example of a palazzo conceived for an irregular site. With elemental forms and no architectural decoration, the overall building has a very straightforward appearance.