Villa Piovene

Lonedo, Lugo Vicentino (VI)
Altro nome
Piovene, Porto, Godi
1539 ca.
1539 - 1587
Stato di realizzazione
Via Palladio, 51, Lonedo, Lugo Vicentino (VI)
  • Muttoni, Francesco: architetto/progettista
  • Palladio, Andrea (?)
  • Piovene, Battista
  • Abitazioni/Ville
Ordini architettonici
  • Ionico
  • Tuscanico: barchesse
Parti del complesso
  • Chiesetta
  • Corpo dominicale
  • Portale
  • Scalinata
  • Barchesse rettilinee
More doubts than certainties surround Andrea Palladio’s involvement in the execution of the Villa Piovene, which rises only a few hundred metres from the Villa Godi. First of all, the building was not included in the Quattro Libri, although other certainly autograph villas were also excluded (such as the Villa Gazzotti or the Villa Valmarana at Vigardolo). But it is the characteristics of the building itself which are most perplexing: the plan is hardly sophisticated, the windows pierce the façade without any particular order, and the pronaos is awkwardly joined to the building block.
The villa is certainly the product of three campaigns of work: documents demonstrate the existence of a manorial house, smaller than the present one and certainly constructed before 1541, which was enlarged at a later stage by the addition of the pronaos bearing the inscribed date 1587. Finally, in the first half of the eighteenth century, the architect Francesco Muttoni constructed the actual lateral barchesse, laid out the garden and probably executed the double-ramp stairs which lead to the loggia. The scenographic stair by which one accedes to the villa, however, was certainly realised some years prior together with the handsome gate of 1703.