47th course on the architecture of Palladio
Meet Palladio

Vicenza, palazzo Barbarano. 27 august - 3 September 2005
conducted by Guido Beltramini and Howard Burns

This year’s Palladio course is intended as a return to the origins of the Centre’s ‘historic’ initiative which has continued since 1958. The course is primarily centred on systematic visits to almost all the Palladio buildings, including those seldom visited, such as the ones in Friuli. Only the lectures will be solely in Italian, while young assistants will provide English translations of the information offered during the visits for those participants who do not understand Italian.

Planned visits: Arco Bollani in Udine, Palazzo Antonini in Udine, Villa Zeno in Cessalto, Villa Foscari ‘La Malcontenta’ in Mira, the church of the Redentore in Venice, the San Giorgio complex in Venice, the facade of San Francesco della Vigna in Venice, the convent of the Carità in Venice. In Vicenza: Palazzo Civena, the Basilica Palladiana, the Loggia del Capitaniato, Palazzo Thiene, Palazzo Schio, Palazzo Porto, the church of Santa Maria Nuova, Palazzo Thiene Bonin Longare, Palazzo Porto in piazza Castello, Palazzo Valmarana, Cappella Valmarana, the Cogollo house and the Teatro Olimpico. Villa Arnaldi in Meledo, Villa Trissino in Meledo, Villa Pisani in Bagnolo, Palazzo della Torre in Verona, Villa Sarego in Santa Sofia di Pedemonte, Villa Godi in Lonedo, the bridge in Bassano, Villa Barbaro in Maser, Villa Emo in Fanzolo, Villa Cornaro in Piombino Dese, Villa Valmarana in Lisiera, Villa Caldogno in Caldogno, Villa Porto in Molina, Villa Forni Cerato in Montecchio Precalcino, Villa Valmarana in Vigardolo, Villa ‘La Rotonda’, Villa Gazzotti in Bertesina, Villa Thiene in Quinto, Villa Chiericati in Vancimuglio, Villa Poiana in Poiana Maggiore, Villa Pisani in Montagnana and Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine.