Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio

The Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio was founded in Vicenza in 1958 at thanks to the efforts of the local public authorities. It brought together some of the leading scholars of the day, such as Anthony Blunt, André Chastel, Ludwig Heydenreich, Rodolfo Pallucchini (the chair of the first scientific committee), Rudolf Wittkower, Giangiorgio Zorzi and Bruno Zevi. The aim was to create a research centre for the history of architecture where an international community of scholars could meet and work together. In subsequent decades, with the addition of scholars such as James S. Ackerman, Arnaldo Bruschi, and Manfredo Tafuri, the focus on Palladio was widened to take in the whole Renaissance and then gradually extended to the history of architecture in general. From the Centre’s foundation to 1991 the director was Renato Cevese. 

Since 1958, 6,360 young architects and architecture historians have come to Vicenza from 47 countries to attend 129 courses or seminars at the Centre. Research projects have led to the publication of 178 books, from 1960 to 2012, and the staging of 98 exhibitions since 1960 in 53 cities in a total of 26 countries.

The Centre promotes research, stages exhibitions, publishes books, and organises courses and seminars not only on historic architecture but also modern architecture – provided it is of the highest standard.

Founding members
Regione del Veneto
Provincia di Vicenza
Comune di Vicenza
Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato Agricoltura di Vicenza
Accademia Olimpica

Participating members
FASE spa
LD72 S.r.l.

Supporting members
Roberto Coin

Confindustria Vicenza, Sezione Costruttori Edili
Fiera di Vicenza
Impresa Costruzioni Giuseppe Maltauro
Laboratorio Morseletto
Villa Forni Cerato Foundation
Zambon Company

Sostengono progetti speciali
UniCredit S.p.A.

Lino Dainese

Board of administration
Antonio Foscari, vice-president
Luisa Benedini
Roberto Ditri
Federico Faggin
Antonio Vescovi
Elena Zambon

Board of auditors
Lechiara Ornella, president
Ornella Lechiara
Gennaro Pierri

Guido Beltramini