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The Media Library brings together photographs of Palladio’s works, major mediaeval and modern works of Veneto architecture, and Palladianism in the world. It also contains surveys and 3-D models of Palladio's buildings and the complete digitalised versions of the principal editions of books by Palladio and Vitruvius.

Starting from the historic photo library set up in the late 1950s (over 16,000 prints), the collection of images has been regularly increased through new photographic campaigns (around 2,500 images) and the acquisition of private archives.

The database of Palladian architecture, consultable online, brings together over 7,000 photographs, 1,250 surveys, 50 3-D models and 4,500 plates from antique books.

Since 2006 the Carlo Scarpa Photo Library, which is growing constantly, has also been available online, while the Veneto Image database has been accessible since 2008. Both are funded by the Veneto Region and document the work of the great 20th-century Italian architect and the finest architecture in the Veneto from the Roman age to the 18th-century, respectively.

The photographs concerning Palladianism and Veneto Architecture (before 2008) may only be consulted from the library terminals by appointment.

Palladio Media Library
Carlo Scarpa Photo Library
Veneto Image

Digital material can be consulted online or from the library terminals.

For information or assistance on non-digitalised material: