Jefferson and Palladio
Constructing a new world
edited by Guido Beltramini and Fulvio Lenzo
photographs by Filippo Romano
176 pp., brossura, 28 x 21 cm, 32 tavv. a colori

language: english

James S. Ackerman
Palladio in America

Guido Beltramini
Jefferson and Palladio

Fulvio Lenzo
Jefferson: architecture and democracy

Filippo Romano
Photograhping Jefferson

Bruce Boucher
Palladianism in America before Jefferson

Catherine Maumi
The National Survey grid and the American democracy

Richard Guy Wilson
Jefferson’s creation of American classical architecture

Giovanna Capitelli
Jefferson and the First Public Statues in the United States

Mario Guderzo
Canova and the Monument to George Washington

Damiana Lucia Paternò
Palladio: materials and building techniques

Travis McDonald
Jefferson builder


Virginia State Capitol
President’s House
Poplar Forest
University of Virginia
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