Villa -> Economy
edited by Guido Beltramini, Howard Burns and Francesco Monicelli
Vicenza 2017
pp. 80 with color illutrations, format 15x21 cm, paperback with flaps

language: english
€  10.00


Howard Burns
The Veneto Villa: Culture and Cultivation

Edoardo Demo
Agriculture and Nutrition

Walter Panciera
Transformation and Reclamation – the Network of Infrastructures

Antonio Foscari
Palladio and the Invention of the Veneto Villa

Francesco Monicelli Fernando Rigon Forte
The Great Decorative Schemes in the Veneto Villas from Veronese to Tiepolo: Nature, History, Myth and Faith

Guido Beltramini
The Villa in Motion

Francesco Monicelli
And Today?

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