Guido Beltramini, Edoardo Demo, Palladio. Architecture and Enterprise in Renaissance Venice, Venezia, Marsilio, 2022
24 x 30 cm, 120 pp, 62 figg. e 3 tavv. a colori

language: english
€  29.00

Table of contents

Changing the Face of Vicenza and Its Villa Landscape
The architect who wanted to change the world
The usanza nuova
Rehearsing the transformation: 15 September 1543
Triumphal temporary structures as prefiguration of a ‘new city’
Low-cost architecture
Social design
Palladio’s creative process
Palladio put to the test: the practical nature of a utilitarian approach
Shaping the villa landscape
The two bodies of the king of architecture

Portraits of Entrepreneurs
‘A town of no great extent but full of the most noble intellects and very abundant wealth’
The city merchants
Nobles and commerce
Palladio’s patrons
The Accademia Olimipica: nobles, merchants, artists, men of letters and religious dissidents
Women: nobles and mercantesse
Merchants in the surrounding territory
A long-standing, enduring vocation for manufacturing and enterprise

Bibliography of works cited

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