giornata di studio
Quello che i grandi non sanno dell’architettura
Vicenza, Palladio Museum, 7 ottobre 2022
a cura di Ilaria Abbondandolo


The Future of Architecture Museums, edited by Guido Beltramini and Mirko Zardini, Vicenza, 2024
100 pp. with colour illustrations.

lingua: english

Conference proceedings of the two study days:

Table of Contents

Howard Burns, Chairman of the Academic Committee, CISA Andrea Palladio, Vicenza


Architecture institutions and their responsibilities
Mirko Zardini Architect and curator

Towards a Le Corbusier Museum
Antoine Picon, Chairman, Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris

A theatre of memory: Sir John Soane’s Cabinet of Curiosities
Bruce Boucher, Director, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London

Palladio Museum: A museum in movement
Guido Beltramini, Director, CISA Andrea Palladio, Vicenza

Democratizing institutions
Kent Martinussen, CEO, Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Copenhagen

Archive and arena: Estonian Museum of Architecture
Triin Ojari Director, Estonian Museum of Architecture, Tallinn


Architecture and children under Palladio’s wing
Ilaria Abbondandolo, Curator of educational programmes, Palladio Museum, Vicenza

Architecture and cities 87 in children’s utopias
Luca Mori, Research Fellow in the History of Philosophy, University of Pisa

Learning processes and places: Where, when, and how do children 95 learn about architecture?
Angela Million, Professor of Urban Design, and Urban Development, Berlin Technical University (TU)

The impact of architectural heritage on children’s cultural identity
Aynur Çiftçi, Associate Professor, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul

RWYC | After Mondiacult. Culture’s compass: Deeply-rooted education and a sustainable future
Olimpia Niglio, Associate Professor, University of Pavia, Hosei University

Children, youth and contemporary architecture: Learning and interpreting methodologies at MAXXI
Marta Morelli, Head of the Education Office, MAXXI, Rome

Utopía, Poesía, Naturaleza: Educación de arquitectura para la infancia
Jorge Raedó, Osa Menor, educación de arte para infancia y juventud, Bogotá

Speakers at the Study Days