46th Course on the architecture of Palladio
The Palladians: the inheritance of Andrea Palladio at Vicenza from Francesco Muttoni to Ottone Calderari
Vicenza, September 1-11, 2004
directed by Franco Barbieri, Guido Beltramini, Elisabeth Kieven and Lionello Puppi


The annual corso palladiano is dedicated in 2004 to the influence of the work of Andrea Palladio upon the architecture of later centuries. The theme of the course is how to “translate” Palladio’s works across the centuries, into different phisycal contexts as well as different social and political settings. What are the models in which Palladio’s message is interpreted by architects such as Francesco Muttoni, Ottone Calderari or Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi?

Site visits to the principal works of Palladio, to the villas and sites of Vicentine Palladianism, will characterize the course.