4th Course on the architecture of Scarpa
Carlo Scarpa and photography
Vicenza, 5-9 October 2004
directed by Italo Zannier


How to request admission
A limited number of applicants will be admitted to the course, which is open to all. The official language is Italian. To request admission, applicants must complete all parts of the admission request form and return it to the Centro by the date indicated below. This form is available on the Centro’s web site,, or in the secretary’s office. To facilitate correspondence, applicants are requested to provide a fax number or an e-mail address. Applicants will be chosen by a Committee appointed by the President of the Centro’s Academic Council, whose choices will be deemed definitive, on the basis of the information provided on the admission request form.

Deadline for admission requests
The admission request form must reach the Centro within, and no later than, September 13th, 2004, 12:00 am.

Directions for participation
Admission to the course includes the cost of group transportation during the course and tickets for admission to the monuments visited. Each participant must, on the other hand, pay his or her own travel expenses, as well as room and board. All chosen candidates must confirm (by fax only) their decision to participate in the course within 7 days of their official acceptance. At the same time they must pay a deposit of € 100.00 using a postal or international money order; this sum will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the course.
Any candidate who does not confirm and pay the deposit within the prescribed term will automatically be excluded from the course. Candidates must attend all sessions with regularity, in any case no fewer than 80% of the total seminar hours. If this minimum attendance requirement is not met, the Centro reserves the right to withhold reimbursement of the deposit and to withhold the certificate attesting to completion of the course.Eventual cancellations must be received by the Centro at least 10 days before the start of the course: beyond that term, the Centro reserves the right to retain the deposit.