31st seminar on architectural history
Architecture and Failure
Vicenza, 7-8 June 2018



Can the abstract be written in a language ​​other than Italian?
To make the selection work easier, please write your abstract and CV in Italian or English.

Is there a template for submitting proposals?
You are invited to write the abstract and CV in the same document, and saved it as doc/docx or pdf.

Can I propose an ongoing project?
The projects to be discussed must have been interrupted by unusual or unpredictable causes. In addition to the relevance of the paper to the general theme, a proposed project will be considered if it is emblematic for the history of architecture and town planning: insignificant and purely local-interest projects will be excluded, as will projects too recent to be of historical interest.


Who will attend the seminar?
The audience will be made up of international academics working in the field of architecture and urban history, researchers, PhD and master’s students, and undergraduates.

Is there a template for presentations?
All speakers will receive a PowerPoint slide on which to enter their name, positions, and institutional logo. High quality images should be used and, for any captions and/or citations, a font large enough to be seen from a distance. Please specify any special needs in advance (e.g. for audio files, films, etc.).

What’s the deadline for presentation?
Both the text (doc/docx or pdf) and the presentation (ppt / pptx) must be sent to the organizational secretary by Monday, 28 May 2018.