22nd international seminar on the history of architecture
The Villa in the world
Vicenza, 16-22 June 2005
conducted by Donata Battilotti e Lionello Puppi


The Villa is the functional and visual synthesis of quite complex contextual thinking and influences, and is thus a subject which must be distinguished by invoking and coordinating a vast range of specific disciplines; so not only the history of art, architecture, the garden and landscape, but also political, social and economic history, the history of agricolture and its techniques, of physical geography and climatology, of botany and manifacturing industry and, finally, of the history of philosophical and aaesthetic thinking, of literature, mythology and piety. Intended as an opportunity to reflect on the great moments in the history of the Villa, as represented in the relative exhibition, the seminar aims for the first time to make a difficult but enlightening multi-and -inter-disciplinary comparison in clear, explicit terms, also looking beyond Western problems (Europe and its American offshoots), to those of the Villa in the Islamic world and in the main historic areas of Asia.

The seminar is organised into two sessions. The first (16-18 June) is dedicated to further study of the subjects presented by the Palazzo Barbaranda Porto exhibition, with guided visits to some Veneto villas with the catalogue authors; the second (20-22 June) offers the opportunity, through lectures, of a rare overview of the villa in the world outside Europe.