Stefano Graziani. Documents on Raphael
Vicenza, Palladio Museum

The Book

Documents on Raphael
Stefano Graziani
edited by Francesco Zanot
Mousse Publishing, Milano 2021
languages: italian and english
24 x 30 cm, 80 pages, 49 color illustrations
ISBN 978-88-6749-460-6

Texts by Guido Beltramini, Frank Boehm, Bruce Boucher, Pablo Bronstein, Antonio Cataldo, Emanuel Christ, Emanuele Coccia, Ana Debenedetti, Victoria Easton, Kersten Geers, Manuel Orazi, Maddalena Sciememi, Pier Paolo Tamburelli, Ellis Woodman, Francesco Zanot

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The Ghost Architect and His Hounds
Guido Beltramini

Francesco Zanot

The Raphael Cartoons for the Sistine Chapel in the Victoria & Albert Museum
Ana Debenedetti

Oblique Portraits
Ellis Woodman

Nothing Seems More Photographic or Pictorial than Love
Emanuele Coccia

Velvet Drapes
Pablo Bronstein

Hypothesis on the Clouds in the School of Athens
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Raphael’s Chigi Chapel: A Spatial Reading
Emanuel Christ

L’ossa con la carne, or Space Is Not Enough
Victoria Easton

Light from Above
Bruce Boucher

Manuel Orazi

Roman Architecture
Kersten Geers

A Letter to the Youth
Antonio Cataldo

In the Mind’s Eye
Maddalena Scimemi

Raphael’s Spatial Fantasies in the Garden of Villa Madama
Frank Boehm