Architettura è scienza
Vincenzo Scamozzi (1548-1616)
Vicenza, palazzo Barbarano. 7 September 2003 - 11 January 2004

The Exhibition

The show’s aim is to present the work and thoughts of Vincenzo Scamozzi. Through his original drawings and plans the public will be able to follow the progressive transformation of his first “ideas on paper” into his final plans. It will be able to reconstruct the political and social context in which he worked: Europe at the end of the sixteenth century. It will meet Scamozzi himself, as well as his patrons and friends, in the portraits made of them by great painters.
Thanks to the Scamozzi Itineraries the public will be able to visit the buildings actually constructed both in the city and in the Veneto countryside. And, last but not least, it will, if interested, gain further insights from the catalogue of the show.
The “Scamozzi Project” is in three sections:

1 - The Show in Palazzo Barbaran da Porto.
The exhibition will show some 200 works from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States, including original drawings by Scamozzi, Palladio and Inigo Jones, Renaissance paintings by Lamberto Sustris and Paolo Veronese, busts by Alessandro Vittoria, books, manuscripts, and wooden models made specifically for the occasion.

The aim of the show is not simply to present a group of objects but to explain Scamozzi’s architecture, even to a non-specialised public, by way of effective communications, wooden models purposely constructed for the show, and large photographs. The event will not be limited to the rooms of Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, but will be linked to an itinerary of visits to the twenty main Scamozzi sites in the Veneto region.

2 - The “Scamozzi Itineraries”.
For this occasion we have organised trips to twenty of the main buildings by Vincenzo Scamozzi, all in the Veneto region, plus the theatre in Sabbioneta. A handy guidebook will outline their history and explain how to visit them, give their precise location and their opening hours.

3 - The Exhibition Catalogue.
The exhibition catalogue is a systematic “complete works” of Scamozzi, and illustrates all his buildings as well as his theoretical writings. It is the result of five years’ work by some forty European and American specialists.