21st International seminar of architectural history
The birth of Vicenza. Art and architecture during the Vicentine Renaissance.
Vicenza, 8-11 November 2004
directed by Maria Elisa Avagnina and Howard Burns


Initiative realized under the Legge Regionale 16 agosto 2002, n. 23 "Celebrations for the sixth century of the entrance of Vicenza, city of Palladio, into the Republic of the Veneto"- In collaboration with Comune di Vicenza, Musei Civici di Vicenza.

The seminar is part of a series of conferences and study seminars on the history of the Vicentine Renaissance in the larger setting of the Venetian state and contemporary Europe. Beginning in 1404 Vicenza emerged rich, self-confident, and resolute in the affirmation of its own urban image within the Venetian state, which such masters as Buonconsiglio and Bartolomeo Montagna helped to shape. In the following century, Palladio continued the renovation and consolidation of urban and rural structures, bestowing an ancient, Roman character upon the city, using the surviving remains of the ancient Berga theater as a key for local identity.