62th course on Palladian Architecture
Palladio in time: models, activities, reception
3 - 8 October 2020. 12 Webinar

Palladio nel tempo

Twice a day for six days, twelve of the world’s leading experts on the history of architecture will explore one aspect of Palladio and of the reception of his work.

This is a special edition of the renowned Palladian course, initiated by Rudolf Wittkower, Ernesto Rogers and Bruno Zevi in Vicenza in summer 1959 and held every year since then. The course is usually attended by scholars and architects from Europe, and North and South America. This year you can take the course online from the comfort of your own home.

The total cost is €390 (including VAT). The lectures can be followed live or any time over the following thirty days.

Scholars under 40 with a master’s or specialist degree obtained from 2010 onwards can apply for a scholarship by filling in the appropriate section of the application form.

Languages: Italian and English.


Saturday 3 October
10:30am - 11:15am
Howard Burns, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa
I progetti di Palladio e il progetto di Palladio

11.30am - 12.15pm
Werner Oechslin, ETH Zurigo
Palladio: storia di un successo

Sunday 4 October

8:30pm - 9:15pm
Deborah Howard, St John’s College, Cambridge
Architecture and music in Palladio’s church of the Redentore in Venice

9:30pm - 10:15pm
Guido Beltramini, CISA Andrea Palladio, Vicenza
Palladio e i Quattro Libri

Monday 5
8:30pm - 9:15pm
Pierre Gros, Institut de France, Parigi
Il teatro vitruviano secondo Palladio: dalla restituzione teorica alla realizzazione

9:30pm - 10:15pm
Cammy Brothers, Northeastern University, Boston
Palladio e l’architettura toscana

Tuesday 6
8:30pm - 9:15pm
Donata Battilotti, Università di Udine
Usi e funzioni di edifici palladiani

9:30pm - 10:15pm
Fernando Marías, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Palladio e Juan de Herrera

Wednesday 7
8:30pm - 9:15pm
Gordon Higgott
Inigo Jones’s response to Palladio’s architecture in Italy in 1613-14

9:30pm - 10:15pm
Joseph Connors, Harvard University
Palladio and the Baroque

Thursday 8
8:30pm - 9:15pm
Dimitry Shvidkovsky, Istituto di Architettura, Mosca
Palladian movement and the Russian Enlightenment

9:30pm - 10:15pm
Barry Bergdoll, Columbia University, New York
Palladio in the Nineteenth century

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