62th course on Palladian Architecture
Palladio in time: models, activities, reception
3 - 8 October 2020. 12 Webinar

Istruzioni per la connessione

This year's seminars will be held on
To attend the course, you will need a computer or any portable device connected to the internet.

All subscribers will be emailed the personal link to participate.

We would recommend to log in about ten minutes before the start of the lessons, in order to check if everything is working properly.
If you are entering Zoom for the first time, the link will allow you to download and install the program. If you have already installed it, the application will automatically let you in the “waiting room” until the webinar begins.
In any case, it is possible to download the application also from these links: Zoom for Windows, Zoom for MacOS.

We remind you that Zoom can be installed on Windows (from version 7 to 10 inclusive), MacOS (from version 10.9 onwards) and in the major Linux distributions. It can also be used on Apple and Android mobile devices.

At the end of each lesson you are invited to make questions. You have two options: you can use the chat provided by Zoom, and the moderator of the event will read your questions to the speaker, or you can use the “raise your hand” button and ask to be made visible and talk directly with the speaker.
The “chat" and “raise hand” buttons, as well as the audio and video control panels are available in the toolbar below the presenter's image. If not visible, just move the mouse over the window to make it appear.